100% Fairtrade New In For 2019 Brand ‘Felt So Good’

100% Fairtrade New In For 2019 Brand ‘Felt So Good’

The team at Mollie & Fred are pleased to introduce an all new brand that we are carrying and we are excited to show it off! The brand is called ‘Felt So Good’ and they create a wide range of beautifully designed gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Every product that Felt So Good creates is made using materials and dyes that are natural and biodegradable and handmade by artisans in Nepal.

About Felt So Good

     Who is Felt So Good and why are we so excited to carry their products? Felt So Good is a British owned and operated company which was founded in 2009 by Adele Zara Collinson. The company specialises in creating ‘design-led’ handmade felt products, including special occasion gifts, gifts for the home and a wide range of decorative items perfect for any gift giving occasion. from contemporary and traditional Christmas decorations, to bags, holiday stuffies and more, you are sure to find something unique when you shop the selection of Felt So Good products online at Mollie & Fred.

     Another reason we like the Felt So Good brand is that they believe in creating ethically produced, high quality products based on the principles of fair trade.

What Is Fair Trade?

     What is Fair Trade? You might have heard the term ‘fair trade’ before when shopping for clothing or when you purchase your coffee on the way to work. And, although you might have heard it many times, you might not know exactly what it means. Fair trade is a concept which ensures fair prices, living wages and community benefits for farmers, workers and their families in developing countries. Businesses that offer fair trade goods typically partner with farmers, empowering them to produce the raw ingredients manufacturers need and to be able to get fairer prices and betters terms of trade. Because of fair trade, developing villages receive better education, health care and environmental sustainability. They also enjoy better working conditions and the workers are treated and paid fairly.

Contact Mollie & Fred

     To learn more about fair trade and the full line of Felt So Good products, contact Mollie & Fred and shop a wide range of high quality, affordable gifts that your friends, family and loved ones will truly appreciate.

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