9 Easy Steps To Be More Eco-friendly | Mollie & Fred

9 Easy Steps To Be More Eco-friendly | Mollie & Fred

Eco-Friendly Homes Are All the Rage: Find out Why

We try to be as eco-friendly as possible because we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. When we package our products we will alway recycle old boxes that have come from deliveries or ones staff have brought in from their own personal home deliveries. We also try to send parcels out in bulk to reduce the courier vans which pick up the boxes or sacks. 

Turn it off
Energy conservation is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Leaving household electricals on standby uses lots of energy, to help lower your carbon footprint turn off unimportant switches to stop wasting money and save the environment.

Switch to renewable
If you want to be more eco-friendly you can easily change your energy supplier to 'bulb' for example which is 100% renewable and it essentially produces zero carbon emissions.

Don’t waste food and grown your own
7.3 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in the UK, which increases the amount of CO2 being created from each landfill. Growing your own vegetables is a good way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint as they produce oxygen whilst they grow. Windowsill boxes are a great way to brighten up your house plus they are perfect for small herbs or we have a lovely set of 3 herb pots which are perfect for having handy whilst cooking. 

If you have out of date food then you only need to pop it in your compost bin to create a natural fertiliser and keep your garden super green. It will also reduce the amount of waste going into landfills which is one way to help improve the environment.

Most items are now recyclable; that includes batteries, paper, plastics and clothes. Any item which can be recycled will have a recyclable logo on the label or packaging. Another way to help is to use less plastic - even as simple as using a canvas bag for food or clothes shopping and cut back on buying plastic bottled drinks. We are always recycling pre-used boxes and box fillers in order to reduce our waste and we also sell Stainless Steel Reusable Straws which are perfect size to carry whilst you are on the go! 

Have your food delivered
Using home delivery for your food shop is like public transport for your food, it saves everyone going separately. It is better for the environment because it saves roughly 20 cars from driving to the supermarket. Another added extra - you aren’t browsing the supermarket aisles which means you are less likely to impulse buy which helps to reduce weekly waste and saves you money! 

Use LED light bulbs
Not only do LED light bulbs last longer than conventional bulbs, they’re far more efficient too! This means that you’ll be using less power and you aren't having to replace your light bulbs as frequently. You also have more choice as they're available in a range of brightness and designs so you can match the lighting to suit each room.

Try to drive less
One of the best ways to improve the environment is to find an alternative to driving, either by foot, bike or public transport unless you are using an electric vehicle. To prevent carbon emissions when you have to drive make sure you keep your speed down, ensuring your tyres are correctly inflated and that the engine is running smoothly.

Plant trees
Make sure your local area is planting native trees to replace the ones which have been felled as trees produce a great amount of oxygen which we need in order to breath. A human breathes roughly 9.5 tonnes of air a year (Oxygen only makes up 23% of that air) and of that air the oxygen contents is 749 kg - which works out as seven or eight tree per person a year!!!

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