Autumn Equinox is Here .... | Mollie & Fred

Autumn Equinox is Here .... | Mollie & Fred

The autumn equinox is when the day and night are equal lengths which are normally between 22 or 23rd September. and then ending of autumn is when there is the shortest day occurs and that is the first day of winter which is either the 21 or 22 of December.

However the meteorological climate data shows that autumn begins on the 1st September as the year is split into quarters based on the temperature cycles, this way autumn finishes on the 30th November...who knew!

Autumn is linked to the harvesting of crops and the importance of animals gathering food in preparation for a winters long hibernation. Often the weather gets colder and more windy as the days begin to shorten, but it is totally worth it for the occasional beautifully golden and crisp mornings that autumn produces, where all of the orange leaves have a beautiful glow to them

Why not add this adorable squirrel to your autumnal decorations it would make a perfect addition in your home. This lovely little squirrel is orange with two white spots, one on its head and the other on its belly, this little fella has an acorn crown and is holding a large pinecone for comfort. Felt decorations are becoming extremely popular, so have a browse through our selection to ensure you don't miss out on this wonderful trend!

We also have a gorgeous little raccoon and fox planter which will be a very lovely decoration in your kitchen to bring the wilderness into your home, just in time for hibernation. This raccoon planter is grey with cream textured spots and four cream legs, the fox planter is orange with four black legs. 

Luckily for you we have a wonderful luxurious range of winter scarves which are perfect during the cooler months as they are lovely and warm. We have a vast selection of shades to choose from and each scarf has a stunning wildlife illustration. Plus they are packaged in a lovely grey gift bag, which would make a perfect Birthday present for someone special plus it'll keep them super toastie! 

The Autumn Equinox also means that Halloween is fast approaching, keep checking in for a our lovely Halloween Blog which will be posted soon enough! 

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