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Beer Day Britain | Mollie & Fred


On June 15th it’s Beer Day Britain! A day when all the locals raise a freshly pulled pint and say cheers to the one thing us British can't get enough!

Beer is one of Britain’s most favoured drinks, especially in the summer sat outside on a sunny afternoon. The 15th June is time to celebrate everything which is great about beer, either the brewing process, packaging or drinking it. At Mollie and Fred we have an awesome array of beer inspired gifts, including this blue piggy bank which is specifically for beer - a beer fund. This would make a brilliant gift to give on Beer Day Britain as your recipient will have a whole year to save their spare change for a carefree beer day next year!

The first record of beer in the UK was imported from Amsterdam in 1362 to Great Yarmouth, but the first mention of beer being brewed in the UK was in 1412 by an alewife in Colchester.

The 15th of June was chosen for Beer Day Britain because the Magna Carta was sealed on this date in 1215, it states ‘Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely the London quarter’- this showed its importance for the brits back then.

Which is your favourite type of beer, here are a couple of our favourite types here at Mollie and Fred


Characteristics: Pale golden to dark amber in colour. Well hopped biscuity malt, often with caramel, citrus, or floral aroma, high bitterness.

Bitter has a wide variety of style; you can choose from light or dark and the alcohol level is relatively low. The secret to a good pint of bitter is British hops as they create a flavoursome brew. It was first brewed in the 19th century and is a domestic version of the export IPA.

Food match: Barbequed food, burgers, cheese dishes, classic pub grub-pies, sausage & mash, fish & chips, lasagne, macaroni cheese, Ploughman's lunch, sandwiches, shepherd's pie, Sunday roast, the list in endless.

IPA (India Pale Ale)

Characteristics: Golden to amber in colour. Aromatic grapefruit, herbal, highly hopped, bitter, dry, refreshing. 

This type of beer was rebranded as Indian Ale roughly 40 years after it had been first exported in the mid 18th century. Its original name was October stock beer which was pale, highly hopped and had a high alcohol content. It was brewed in October to keep people warm throughout the winter, hence the name October stock beer! This style of beer was out of fashion until the late 20th century where an American brewer revived it to what we know it as today.

Food match: Avocado, burgers, chili con carne, creamy cheese, falafel, fish & chips, Indian, satay, grilled or smoked salmon, Thai, Vietnamese... not sure about you but this food is making me hungry! 

Father’s Day is fast approaching so this is the perfect time to get your Dad the go to perfect present of a pint down the pub on a summer evening. There's lots to get involved in too like pub quizzes held at your local pub, maybe see if they're holding any events this year for Beer Day Britain. Or have a wonderful afternoon in the garden with all your friends and family, we have a wonderful XL beer glass which would be perfect for any beer enthusiast, just make sure not to drink too much!!

If you want to find out more visit for more information. How will you be celebrating Beer Day Britain?

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