Christmas Gift List

Christmas Gift List

Christmas Gift List
October 25th is nearly here, British summer time is ending that can only mean one thing Christmas is coming… it’s time to get your tinsel out!  
Let the festivities begin by singing carols, tasting delicious mince pies, and decorating the Christmas tree.
It is the season to be joyful, for giving and sharing, for laughter, for coming together with family and friends and for brightly decorated presents.
Time is of the essence to get organised, and start that Christmas wish list. Demand will be high due to online shopping, as we continue to stay safe during COVID-19

Once you’ve seen our range of products, you’ll wish it could be Christmas every day!
The history of Christmas
Christmas is a tradition which has been around for hundreds of years across the world, it originated by the Roman Catholics which celebrated December 25th as the birth of Christ. Where Mary gave birth in a stable in Bethlehem to a boy, Jesus who is the son of Christ. It is told that many came to visit the babe who rest in a manger, angels, shepherds and 3 wise men. The tradition has come to be celebrated by non-Catholics as well. Christmas is a celebration of love and joy represented by the Nativity and Santa.

The Christmas Tree
Most families have a Christmas tree (or maybe even more) within their house. The decorating of the tree is usually a family occasion, with everyone helping. Christmas trees were first popularised in the UK by Queen Victoria’s husband, Albert. He was German and thought it was a good tradition to bring to the UK.
My Gift List from Mollie and Fred’s Range of Gifts
Mollie & Fred have a wonderful range of Christmas gifts, these below are some of my favourites! Hope you find the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life. 

For Mum
Light Up Jar for Mum - Messages of Love  
This a lovely gift for anyone wanting to make their mothers feel extra special on Christmas day. It also makes a delightful ornament to create a homely feel with the warm fairy lights inside.

Mothers day light up jar, perfect mothers day gift idea for mums  

    Wrendale Designs - Robin Design Wall Clock  
    This wonderful wall clock from the Wrendale range has been beautifully illustrated with a Robin perching on a branch. As Christmas dawns many more Robins are spotted making is a nice festive gift that is perfect for all year round as well. Make for a perfect gift this Christmas!
      Wrendale Robin Clock, great gift idea for parents and a gorgeous accessory for the home

      For Dad 
    My Dad is a huge golf fan The Open, The Master’s and The PGA Championships. These trio of golf club pens is a fun and thoughtful idea for him and a wonderful stocking filler.
    For Sister  
    My Sister is obsessed with giraffes making this the perfect Christmas gift for her as she currently is interested with staying hydrated also. This metal water bottle has a range of different designs to choose from such as hare, owl, fox, stag, and duck. With a wide variety it makes for a versatile present.
    Tear Off Weekly Planner Pad Jewel Chic
    My sister loves to be organised every week she writes a list of her job to complete this’ll be such an appreciated aesthetic way for her to plan out her priorities.
    For grandparents  
    Gisela Gift Graham - Lovely Nanna mug 
    Mollie & Fred's range of Nanna, Granny and Grandma mugs are a truly wonderful gift. Personally, my Nanna loves more than a great mug of tea!
    And don't forget there is also a grandad (or Dad and Uncle mug) version to make him feel just as loved!

    Grey Grandad Mug Lilac Nanna Mug

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