Christmas Gifts for Babies and Toddlers | Mollie and Fred Blog

Christmas Gifts for Babies and Toddlers | Mollie and Fred Blog

Christmas Gifts for children and babies 

What is Christmas?

Christmas is a traditional holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but in the early 20th century, it also became a family holiday. Observed by the Christians and non-Christians, the holiday is now often devoid of Christian elements along with the mythical man of Santa Claus.

How is Christmas celebrated?

In many religions, countries celebrate Christmas within their beliefs and traditions. In India they decorate bamboo trees or even mango to celebrate the festive season. Feasts, picnics and fireworks are often popular in warm climate countries. It is also extremely popular around the world to exchange gifts on Christmas eve or Christmas morning.

We all know and love the big bearded jolly man Father Christmas. Wonder how he got the name Santa Claus? Around the world he is known as all sorts of names, to include Sinterklaas which means Saint Nicholas in Dutch, the language of the Netherlands. St Nicholas was a Christian bishop who lived in the 4th century - he was known for being kind and generous, he later became the patron saint of children.

However, Santa Claus isn’t the only Christmas character, in Italy there's a kind of creature which is known as ‘La Befana.’ The festive character is said to fly around on a broomstick delivering gifts to children. In Iceland children leave their shoes under the window for 13 trolls called ‘Yule Lads’. If the children have been good, they would find sweets in their shoes, but if they were bad there would be a rotten potato in their shoes!

Christmas gifts for babies and toddlers

Gifts Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

Here at Mollie and Fred we have a lot of wonderful gifts for babies and toddlers. I have created a list for you to take inspiration from, finding the perfect gift for a baby or a toddler in your life has never been so easy! 

This ‘together we can save the earth’ colouring book from Rachel Ellen would be a lovely gift as we all know children love to experiment with colour and draw anything they see, an amazing gift for a child you know.

Next up we have a 'Bambino Little Star Social Media Milestone Cards Set.' A gorgeous gift for a new baby, and an even better keepsake to capture your little ones first moments.

If you want a photo frame, we have the perfect one for you! Presented on our website we have 'Disney’s Dumbo My First Year Photo Frame' with an adorable elephant design which is ever so lovely. 

Next up we have a beautiful 'Pot Of Dreams Glow In The Dark Money Pot,' The ideal savings pot to keep a child entertained with their pocket money. 

We also have this 'Button Corner Baby’s Special Compartmental Keepsakes Box.' A sentimental gift for a new born or even a toddler. Finished in yellow and white with hearts, stars and button detailing along with a cute teddy bear feature.

Gift this amazing astronaut night light to a child in your life, this will make any child feel safe and they will be amazed by the stunning warm light that it gives off.

Want to keep all the perfect memories of your children growing up? Why not purchase this ‘My First-Year’ Baby Album.' It has a stunning silver plaque teddy bear, with other lovely designs such as animals, stars and more.

If you want to find more inspiration for Christmas gift ideas, you can always explore our website and navigate through all the children gifts and find the perfect one for you.

We hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas!

Love, the Mollie and Fred  Team x

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