Covid - Will online shopping ever be the same?

Covid - Will online shopping ever be the same?

Covid - Will online shopping ever be the same?

Coronavirus has affected us all in more ways than one, what was once a foreign word no one had ever heard of is now a household word, used more often than we’d like. On the 23rd March 2020 Mollie & Fred, like thousands of other businesses, were directly affected by the UK’s National Lockdown – Number 1!

We all adapted to a new way of living; looking after ourselves and our loved ones, staying safe, staying away from our friends and families and spending time inside. We couldn’t spend our money in many other ways as restaurants were shut, we couldn’t go shopping with friends or to grab a coffee so many of us took to online shopping…

How business changed during Covid

We were fortunate enough to stay open throughout covid-19, working safely staying 2 meters apart, sanitizing stations, wearing face masks, daily cleans and working safely. Although it wasn’t easy, coming to work gave us something to do, a distraction and most importantly a sense of helping people who were continuing to order from us.

Covid 19

Customer services and online ordering

We saw an increase in our orders made via the phone, did you know you can order over the phone with us on 01522 412 108? We noticed a whole new demographic of people placing orders online because the shops were shut. Online turned to be the only means to shop, other than the weekly trip to the supermarket.

We sent more keepsake gifts than ever before, more rainbow decorated items in honour of the NHS and not forgetting all the birthdays, anniversaries, births and many more occasions that continued to be celebrated in lockdown.

People had the time to talk, they wanted to discuss the perfect gift to send to their grandchild for their birthday, or their grandparents for their garden or a cuddly toy for the new member of the family they couldn’t see. We at Mollie & Fred took the time to place orders over the phone from our home offices, for our wonderful warehouse team to safely dispatch.

Personalised Gift Wrap

We saw a dramatic increase in our personalised gift wrap service. It was beautiful, and sometimes heart breaking, to see the loving messages people were sending to each other during such a difficult time. Our gorgeous hand wrapped gifts were sent all around the world, delivering positive messages to those who needed them the most.

We were so pleased to have a part in such a special gift giving celebration during such a difficult time.

Mollie & Fred personalised gift wrap


People took the time to review our goods and services. Some had the time when they wouldn’t usually, and could leave such amazing reviews, which we love and personally responded to all. Click here to see our thousands' of 5* reviews and why 96% of reviewers would recommend Mollie &Fred to family and friends. We love seeing what people think to our products, we take all feedback on board and are always looking to improve. Our FREE UK Delivery option is so popular and we always receive so many lovely reviews on this.


So many occasions were very sadly missed and we can’t imagine the inconveniences caused, financial losses and personal sacrifices covid 19 created. From cancelled weddings, engagements put on hold, christenings, birthday parties, celebrations and family time, every single person is and was affected by Covid. As a nation we came together to support our incredible NHS, clapped weekly for there amazing work, spent more time in our 4 walls we ever imagined we would and some took time to step back, re think and pause about life.

Where we expected to see a sudden decrease after covid in online sales once people could go back to their pre covid lives of shopping on the high street, we were surprised with how many people still continued to purchase online. Maybe to many that had never had to try it before, the idea of purchasing an order online and having it delivered straight to the door sounds appealing. Is online now the new way of shopping?

We gained so many customers over the past two years and are so grateful that many of these keep coming back to us as repeat customers. This Spring time it feels like we are turning a corner with people enjoying themselves in the sunshine, making plans to meet and booking holidays. We were finally able to set foot in a trade fair again which enabled us to buy lots of lovely new stock with 200 items being launched in April. We are excited to bring you lots of new items to gift for Birthdays and our Christmas collection is our biggest yet.

However you decide to spend 2022 we hope that you enjoy the weather and the freedom, here at Mollie and Fred the staff have a spring in their step and it's lovely on a Monday morning hearing all about everyone's weekends !

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