Easter Sunday Interesting Facts | Mollie & Fred

Easter Sunday Interesting Facts | Mollie & Fred


This year Easter Sunday is the 4th april 2021. 
What is Easter?
Easter is an important festival for Christians as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and this ends the period of lent. It is told that Jesus was crucified on good Friday after being betrayed by Judas after Jesus was crucified he was placed in the tomb by roman soldiers who covered the tomb with a colossal stone. Three days later Mary and the disciples discovered that the tomb was empty, Jesus had been resurrected and that day is now know as Easter Sunday.
How we celebrate Easter now.

Christians across the world celebrate Easter with church services, music, flowers and ringing of church bells. Easter Sunday is when people are allowed to indulge as they have given up certain things for lent (like Jesus gave his life for his people) Easter Sunday marks the ending of lent. They believe it to be a day of joy and celebration to commemorate Jesus rising.

Easter is also normally the beginning of spring and is celebrated by cleaning, decorating eggs and Easter egg hunts which are normally hidden by the Easter bunny. We gift each other chocolate eggs, snacks or presents.
Why an egg?
An egg represents new life, or the resurrection of Jesus.
The introduction of the chocolate egg originated from France and Germany in the 19th century, the chocolate was very bitter and hard. Nowadays chocolate eggs are covered in coloured foil and are hollow to symbolise Jesus’ empty tomb. Hardboiled egg are usually painted and used for Easter decorations or during egg hunts.
The first chocolate egg in the UK was produced in 1873 by Fry’s of Bristol who merged with Cadbury’s and launched their first Easter egg
The Bunny Rabbit
The Easter Bunny comes from the pagan festival "Eosre", which is dedicated to the goddess of fertility and is often shown in the form of a rabbit (rabbits normally give birth to large litter, and are a symbol for fertility).  In German history it is shown that an Easter hare delivered eggs in baskets to Christian children.
Easter Trees
The Easter tree originated in Germany where they would decorate trees and bushes with painted eggs or small part of branches were cut to have in their house and decorated.
Across the world, many people purchase Easter trees and decorate them with brightly coloured ornaments with a variety of eggs and animals.
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