Father's Day 20th June 2021 | Mollie & Fred

Father's Day 20th June 2021 | Mollie & Fred

Father's Day is a day when we acknowledge and appreciate our Fathers, Step-Dads, father figures and Grandads. We show our appreciation by giving them gifts or spending quality time together enjoying a fun day out and a nice evening together.
It is important that we celebrate Father’s Day because it provides motivation and reassurance for our Dad's, Step-Dads, Father Figures and Grandads.
Father’s Day is a super fun day for the whole family as usually there's a planned day out or evening meal involved. It is a day where we recognise everything our father figures do for us as a family, here are some brilliant ideas.
1) Go for a walk in the countryside and take a picnic so you can have lunch with a lovely view, it's nice to spend quality time away from phones and work.
2) Another lovely idea is where the kids make dinner and then all have a fun games night as a whole family, this is fun and competitive!
3) With Covid restrictions lifting why not book a table at a restaurant, eat your Dad’s favourite food: Chinese, Mexican or a delicious chippy tea! Or keep your fingers crossed for a bright sunny day so he is able to show off his off bangin' BBQ skills!!

What gift should you get your Dad this Father’s Day? Is probably the most difficult question to answer as generally he’s that man who has everything, except the yearly joke of wanting a Ferrari but seriously what can you gift your Dad. Well, have a look at some of our suggestions:



Socks are a super easy gift as I can guarantee that last year’s pairs have probably gone missing by now. We have a lovely selection of oddsocks to browse through so at least in future it won’t matter if he’s wearing a mismatched pair! We have a lovely smart brogue sock set, some super silly Uranus and other planets socks or why not get some sporting oddsocks; we have rugby, football or golf designs. Socks are a practical go-to gift as you can never go wrong!


Keyrings & Bottle Openers 

Key Rings are a simple gift to let your Dad know that you’re thinking of him all the time. We have some brilliant ones; one which double up as a bottle opener, or a money minder so that he can have a mini cash stash on him at all times!

We also have a huge selection of bottle openers some of which would make a perfect novelty gift. There is a perfect keyring/bottle opener which is for a saw-some day in the shape of a saw which is perfect gift for a cheesy DIY Dad! We also have a brilliant Top Notch Dad coaster which doubles up as a bottle opener too - how GENIUS!


Happy Father's Day to all the Dads, Grandads, Step Dads, Uncles and all father figures.

We hope that you have a lovely Father's Day whatever you decide to do. For gifting inspiration or any gift advice don't hesitate to contact us.


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