October | Mollie & Fred

October | Mollie & Fred

What has October got in store for you, are you ready for a Spooktacular Halloween!

Going to a pumpkin patch is often a super fun thing to do with friends or family to ensure you’ve got the best one on your street. How to do you find the right pumpkin? Firstly, you have to find one of the largest, roundest pumpkin in the patch. Then when you’ve chosen the perfect one for you the excitement really begins! Now the pumpkin is home you have to decide on the scariest pumpkin carved face going. Plus, you can make some super delicious pumpkin soup recipes. 

We also enjoy decorating our homes with lots of Halloween displays and Autumnal Decorations. Felt Decorations are perfect for making Halloween window or mantelpiece displays and you can perfectly position them to make a thrilling display. Even better yet why not grab yourself a Halloween tree to decorate.

The entire month of October is leading up to Halloween night where many children dress up in a variety of different ghoulish costumes like vampires, werewolves, witches, and monsters to go trick or treating around their neighbourhoods, knocking on the door saying ‘trick-or-treat’ which will usually end with them receiving a handful of sweets. Trick-or-treating originated from the belief that supernatural beings, or souls of the dead, would roam the earth and needed to be calmed.

Things to do to keep you entertained in October - have a weekly Halloween movie night watching frightful films to get you super excited for the 31st. Some amazing Halloween films to watch are Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, Nightmare on Elm Street and the Halloween film franchise.

There are some amazing places to visit too which become dedicated to Halloween and being as spooky as possible. They are super fun and creatively satisfying to try with your family throughout October this year.

Harry Potter Studios are doing a Hogwarts after dark experience where your evening begins with dry ice cocktails and canapés before making your way into the Great Hall, which is decorated with 100 floating pumpkins. The entire set will be transformed into a super spooky place to be and is open until 12am.

The London dungeons are also a fun place to visit with older children, there are nineteen haunting tales and two thrilling rides. Whilst on your journey through time you will meet the scariest characters such as jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd and The Plague Doctor. If London is too far away there are numerous different dungeons across the county.

Alton Towers is for the whole family as there is something to entertain every age group. Alongside all the thrills of the rides and other attractions they host Halloween scare mazes which are unforgettable adventures like the Altonville Mine Tours which invites hardy guests to tour a disused mine, rumoured to have been home to an outcast family known as the “skin snatchers” – truly terrifying experience.

October is a brilliant month as there is still lots to do before the weather gets too cold and the days get shorter. There is just something for everyone, whether you are a scaredy-cat looking for good Halloween fun or fear-challengers who are hoping for a good fright.

We hope these ideas, along with our great range of decorations, are enough to get you in the Halloween spirit!!

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