Have You Got Your Secret Santa Gifts Yet? Gifts For Under £10 On Mollie And Fred

Have You Got Your Secret Santa Gifts Yet? Gifts For Under £10 On Mollie And Fred

The holidays are nearly upon us and that means shopping for the perfect Secret Santa gifts for your coworkers. Secret Santa is a tradition among offices throughout the UK and in the US and it promotes holiday cheer and is a good way to connect with some of your coworkers that you don’t get a chance to see on a daily basis.

     You might remember having Secret Santa parties in primary school and the rules then are much the same today. Everyone draws a name out of a hat and the name you draw is the person you purchase a Christmas gift for. Typically, there is a limit to the price of the gift which can often make shopping slightly more difficult, but it can save you money. All in all, Secret Santa is a fun and exciting way to make the holidays that much more special in the workplace.

     You can make shopping for your Secret Santa gifts a lot easier by visiting Mollie & Fred where you will find a wide selection of high quality Secret Santa gifts for under £10. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Secret Santa Gifts For Under £10

Because I Have Too Many Passwords- organise your passwords for less with our Because I Have Too Many Passwords book. At just £6.99, it features pages with space for details of various accounts.

Christmas Carved Feature Candle Holder- priced at £9.99, our Christmas Carved Feature Candle Holder is beautifully designed and the perfect festive gift for Christmas.

6 In 1 Multi Tool Men’s Novelty Pen- featuring a Cm ruler, Inch ruler, Spirit Level, Pull out screwdriver, Stylus for phone and a Twist open pen, the 6 In 1 Multi Tool Men’s Novelty Pen is the perfect Secret Santa gift.

Novelty I Survived Another Meeting Notebook- at just £7.99, our "I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email" Notebook is just under the £10 and perfect for any office, especially those where there are more meetings than emails. You get two notebooks for the price of one so you can gift one and keep the other!

My Weekly Planner Ideal For Meals and Activities- our Rachel Ellen Weekly Planner makes staying organised easier than ever. It features a stylish, attractive design and plenty of space to plan your week. Priced at just £8.99.

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     To learn more about finding the perfect Secret Santa gifts, or any of our top holiday gift ideas for 2019, contact Mollie & Fred and shop a wide range of high quality, affordable gifts that your friends, family and loved ones will truly appreciate.

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