Have You Seen Our Breakable Money Pots? | Mollie and Fred Blog

Have You Seen Our Breakable Money Pots? | Mollie and Fred Blog

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At Mollie and Fred we have a vast range of breakable money pots that make the best gift ideas for a number of occasions. Their unique design and fun opening aspect make them a super quirky item to put on your wish list, from occasions such as weddings, tattoos, new home, millionaire funds and more! Which one will you choose? 
We have put together this blog to let you in on some of our favourite types of breakable money pots, and how to gift them! So next time you are stuck for a novelty and unique gift idea, why not read up on this blog!
Wedding and Honeymoon breakable money pots blog banner
One of the most popular designs of the breakable money pot that we stock is the wedding and honey moon money pots! From Xpressions, these money pots feature a number of lovely wedding designs. To include pearls, love hearts and horse shoes, so you can be sure to find a breakable money pot for every type of happy couple. The wedding and honey moon money pots that you see above feature sleek designs and can be filled up with coins and notes, once you are finished you can simply smash them open with a hammer to reveal all of your earnings! Have a look through the selection, they make great wedding gifts, engagement gift and honey moon gift ideas.
  1. Xpressions Pearl Design Breakable Money Pot 
  2. Xpressions Love Heart Design Honeymoon Fund Money Pot
  3. Xpressions Horseshoe Design Breakable Money Pot

Holiday Fund Breakable Money Pots

Know of any holiday goers? For Christmas or their birthday why not gift them one of our holiday fund breakable money pots! Each breakable money pot features friendly characters such as Boofle, as well as vibrant and colourful designs that will look amazing in any room of any home. The generic designs also mean you can gift these breakable money pots to anyone, making them perfect gifts for men and women. Save up for your next big holiday with these money pots and simply break them open when you are ready! Lets hope you have saved up enough to go somewhere nice!

  1. Xpressions Holiday Fund Breakable Money Pot
  2. Boofle Holidays Breakable Money Pot
  3. Xpressions Beach Holiday Fund Breakable Money Pot
  4. Boofle Very Important Holiday Fund

Baby Breakable Money Pots 

We even have breakable money pots for the little ones! If you want to start saving for your baby's future then why not purchase one of these colourful and lovely breakable money pots. From my first pennies to baby's first savings and sweet dreams, there are so many ways you can start saving for your little ones. Treat them to one of these breakable money pots, they also make the most delightful christening and baby shower gift ideas. So next time you need a novelty new baby gift idea, why not have a look through these breakable money pots! 

  1. Xpressions My First Pennies Breakable Money Pot
  2. Xpressions Sweet Dreams Glow in the Dark Breakable Money Pot
  3. Xpressions Baby's First Savings Money Pot


We know that it can be really overwhelming choosing a gift for a loved one, especially when you are trying to find unique gifts that you know that they'll love. We hope that this blog has given you some gifting inspiration in terms of these breakable money pots, they are a really great option for birthday gift ideas and Christmas, they are also super affordable!

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