Make His Day With Alternative Gift Ideas This Father’s Day

Make His Day With Alternative Gift Ideas This Father’s Day

Sometimes it can be difficult to show your dad just how much you care - socks and soaps don’t always cut it. So, throw the generic gift ideas in the bin and try something different this Father’s Day.

    • Go on a pub stop tour. Mark out your own map of pubs local to you and see how many you can do in one day. You could try a different ale in each one, or alternate soft drinks with something stronger. And always drink responsibly - if you can. Our ‘Wine O Clock’ bottle opener could be a handy tool to take with you.

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        • Make him a money jar. But instead of filling it with money, fill it with some hand written notes of favours you’re happy to owe him. You could offer to do the washing up or give him a lift when he needs it. Just let him know he can cash them in whenever he likes. Don’t have the time? No worries. We’ve got a ready-made money jar for him to stash those hard-earned pennies in instead. Or maybe a personal prompt card pack with everything you need to create a truly meaningful gift, fill them all out and gift the best gift of all.

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            • Create your very own all-you-can-eat picnic. Make your favourite sandwiches, bake a cake - and don’t forget the sausage rolls! Find a nice spot - maybe at the beach, by a lake or on a grassy field, and enjoy each other’s company while getting some quality time outdoors. Invite the whole family along and make it a huge event. To add some fun to the proceedings, go retro with our retro gaming lunch box.


              • Take some silly selfies. You might feel a bit daft at first but the memories will last a lifetime. Get dressed up in your brightest clothes, let loose and snap away. You can even try different filters on your phone too. Print them out and hang your photos somewhere special to remind you of the fun time you had. Or instead of hanging them why not place them in a coaster to sit your beer (or cup of tea) on...set of 4 instant photo coasters. Fancy baking first? Our moustache cookie cutters are a fun way to try on a tache. Try ‘em on for size , then eat ‘em!
                • Do the gardening together. Grab a pair of our garden secateurs (which even come in a handy tin), stick on some gloves and get stuck in. You’ll have loads of fun while doing something productive. And why not plant a special flower or tree and dedicate it to the two of you and your time together?

                  But if you’re looking for a tried and tested gift to go alongside your alternative ideas, check out some of our Father’s Day gifts and get him something he’ll really love. And if you really can’t resist buying him some novelty socks, we’ve got those too!

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