Mollie And Fred’s Bamboo Range

Mollie And Fred’s Bamboo Range

You might already know that Mollie & Fred offers the best selection of high quality, affordably priced products around, but did you know that we are an environmentally conscious company as well? We are always looking for new and innovative brands that are focused on making a difference and helping to care for the environment. From brands that offer 100% Fair Trade environmentally conscious products, to those that believe in sustainability and using materials that have the least impact on our planet, we select only the best brands and the best products to offer our customers.

Mollie And Fred’s Bamboo Range

     This leads us to our bamboo range. We offer a selection of durable, high quality travel mugs, all of which are made of 100% organic, recyclable bamboo. As you might know, bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet and it has many benefits over other materials such as wood, plastic and metals. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of bamboo and then see some of the products in our bamboo range:

Benefits Of Bamboo

Durability- bamboo is a very durable plant which is much stronger than oak. Its tensile strength is 28,000 pounds per square inch, which makes it even stronger than mild steel.

Resistant To Rot And Warping- bamboo weathers well as it is resistant to rot, mould, mildew and warping.

Bamboo Is Better For The Planet- bamboo provides more oxygen for the planet, it requires less water to grow and it is a very fast growing and sustainable plant.

Bamboo Is 100% Biodegradable- bamboo is 100% biodegradable in under a year, whereas plastics can take centuries to completely biodegrade.


Mollie And Fred’s Bamboo Range

Flamingo Designed Bamboo Travel Mug- our Flamingo Designed Bamboo Travel Mug makes a perfect gift for any occasion and it features a stylish design, a heat holder and a sippy lid.

Black Heart Outline Bamboo Travel Mug- a colourful design, a beige heatproof sleeve and a spill-proof sippy lid make our Black Heart Outline Bamboo Travel Mug the perfect travel mug for in the car, at the office or just relaxing at home with your favourite hot beverage.

Black Heart Outline Luxury Bamboo Lunch Box- keep your lunch fresh and cold all day long with our Black Heart Outline Luxury Bamboo Lunch Box. Perfect for all ages and handy at the office, this bamboo lunchbox is spacious, stylish and environmentally friendly.

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     To learn more about our bamboo range, contact Mollie & Fred and shop a wide range of high quality, affordable gifts that your friends, family and loved ones will truly appreciate.

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