Mollie & Fred Is Your Local Supplier For Wrendale Designs By Lincolnshire’s Hannah Dale


Mollie & Fred is always looking for new and talented designers whose collections would be perfect for our customers’ homes. One such designer whom we are thoroughly impressed with is Lincolnshire’s Hannah Dale. Her company, Wrendale Designs, offers beautifully designed home décor featuring artistry inspired by the Lincolnshire countryside. With a wide range of Wrendale Designs decor to choose from, Mollie & Fred is your local supplier and the only place you will find these beautifully crafted works of art all together for less!

About Wrendale Designs

     Wrendale Designs was founded by Hannah Dale in Melton Ross, Lincolnshire. While her educational and career background didn’t focus on art, (while she did study art in school, she majored in Zoology at Cambridge University and worked as a stockbroker in London for five years), she did embrace her artistic talents later on.

     While creating elegant window dressings for friends and family as well as creating personalised nursery paintings for children, Hannah became inspired by the wildlife she saw on her farm and in the local Lincolnshire countryside. This motivated her to begin painting this wildlife, first hares, and then other animals including foxes, pheasants, geese, dogs and hens. The result is the beautifully crafted home décor we are about to share with you.

The Wrendale Designs Range

     The Wrendale Designs range is available at Mollie & Fred and are perfect for your own home or as a gift for someone you care about. Let’s take a look:

Countryside Illustrated Set of 3 Stacking Tins- featuring a cow, fox and hedgehog, these Countryside Illustrated Set of 3 Stacking Tins are perfect for storing everything from biscuits to sweets.

Fox Countryside Illustrated Flower Jug- this beautifully illustrated Fox Countryside Illustrated Flower Jug is the perfect start to your Wrendale Designs collection. Featuring a countryside theme of a Fox in a field of pink flowers, it makes a lovely adornment to any table.

Illustrated Matte Green Set of 3 Tea, Coffee, Sugar Storage Canisters- Lincolnshire Artist Hannah Dale has created a beautiful countryside setting complete with some of her favourite wildlife. The Illustrated Matte Green Set of 3 Tea, Coffee, Sugar Storage Canisters features 3 airtight storage tins, perfect for storing your kitchen essentials.

Contact Mollie & Fred

     To learn more about the Wrendale Designs range, contact Mollie & Fred and shop a wide range of high quality, affordable gifts that your friends, family and loved ones will truly appreciate.

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