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My Work Experience | Mollie and Fred

My Work Experience - Mollie and Fred Blog

After three days of doing work experience at Mollie and Fred I would like to share my thoughts and experiences on working with them.

'Was it what I had expected?'

Although I had browsed their website I honestly didn't know what to expect, I was told that I might be packing some orders but that's the only job I could really think of. When I arrived I saw this wide variety of jobs, such as designing, blogging, picking and packing, changing prices, deleting items, restocking, new deliveries coming into the warehouse and more. This was quite a shock to me as I didn't realise how much work it takes to run a business like this.

'What did I like and not like about the experience?'

I can confidently say that my favourite part of it was the social media aspect, creating blogs that got published on their website for people to see, creating social media posts with them, and even designing some of my own products.

I don't really have a part of it that i didn't enjoy, even listing things online and checking for products was quite interesting (though it did get repetitive after a while) . But what i've realised working here is that every job, even if it seems a bit boring is needed to help the business and keep it running.

'Did you have any favourite products?'

While I was picking items that customers had ordered I got the chance to have a look at some of the products. They were all lovely but a few caught my eye, such as 'The 2 wooden girl and boy rabbit easter set', 'The wrendale designs illustrated wooden plaques.' and 'The Thank you candle and reed diffuser set.'

My Favourite Products

'Would you recommend it.'

Definitely. The people who work in the business are all kind and helpful and funny. When i'm stuck on a task they always help me and make me laugh, I would love to have spent a week working there. It's a lovely environment and I have really enjoyed myself.


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