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Halloween New In Mollie and Fred
 It may not be Halloween just yet but it is definitely creeping up on us all! Lucky for you we have a new in range of Halloween decorations that we know you're all gonna love. From brands such as Widdop Gifts and Heaven Sends  we have a range of products for you to decorate your home with. To include tea light holders, decorative pumpkins, garlands, lanterns and more. 

Read this blog to find inspiration on our latest Halloween range. And if none of these brand new items tickle your fancy you can explore our Halloween range on our website today!

Halloween Decorations

 Heaven Sends Set of Three Velvet Orange Pumpkin Halloween Decorations - Create the most incredible Halloween display with these simply wonderful orange pumpkin decorations from Heaven Sends. Finished in a set of three you can make an amazing centrepiece with these pumpkins. Made with a faux velvet material for a contemporary feel that also brings the fun of Halloween straight into your home. 

Widdop Gifts Set of 6 Pumpkin Halloween Tea Lights - Light up your home for Halloween with these pumpkin tea lights from Widdop Gifts. Completed in a set of six these tea lights have a fantastic Jack O Lantern expression which create a spooky look. Place these tea lights in any lantern or holder for a warm ambience in your home. These tea lights are ever so unique

Heaven Sends Set of Three Grey and Cream Pumpkin Halloween Decorations - Halloween can seem to be very orange at times! But if you would rather have a more modern display then why not go for these unique decorations from Heaven Sends.  This set includes three large pumpkins in a luxurious velvet design, complete with silver stalks for a contemporary feel. A large set of three pumpkin decorations which will make a statement no matter where you place them. These pumpkins would look lovely in your living room or dining room. The perfect ornaments for your glamorous Halloween party!

Heaven Sends Multicoloured Velvet Pumpkin Halloween Decoration - Why not decorate your home this Halloween with this quirky pumpkin ornament. This pumpkin is like nothing you have ever seen before, finished with multicoloured and varying fabrics as well as a velvet touch which is ever so popular this year.

Halloween DecorationsHeaven Sends Large Metal Pumpkin Lantern - Put a tea light in this delightful pumpkin lantern from Heaven Sends. Finished in metal, this novelty pumpkin includes a colourful design to include a Jack O Lantern expression and detailing that will turn your home into a haunted house. Place in your porch to create a spooky ambience that will greet your family and friends. A truly unique Halloween home accessory!

Widdop Gifts Set of Three Halloween Tea Light Holders - Update your Halloween homeware this year with this set of three tea light holders from Widdop Gifts. This simply brilliant set comes with three tea light holders and glass backdrops that are illustrated with Halloween scenery. The silhouette theme of these tea light holders make them the ideal decorations for your home at Halloween time. Simply place your favourite tea light in these holders to display a warm glow that will brighten up any room!

Widdop Gifts Set of Three Halloween Candle Holders - These are another variety of candle holders which come from Widdop Gifts. Their brand new Halloween collection includes this set of three candle holders. Featured in an orange shade with a frosted glass design and imagery of haunted houses, pumpkins, bats, witches and more! Present on your coffee table or mantelpiece and let your favourite candle create your ideal Halloween display. 

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 Heaven Sends Multicoloured Leaf Velvet Garland - How awesomely unique is this leaf garland. From the brand new Heaven Sends range comes this autumnal decoration which includes a variety of different coloured leaves arranged into a garland. Each leaf has been completed with a velvet finish and different sizing for a quirky and colourful display. Lay across your mantel piece or why not wrap around articles of furniture around your home. The velvet design brings texture whilst the range of colours will offer a warming feel to your home. Use throughout the autumnal season and Halloween for an epic assortment. 

Heaven Sends Orange and Brown Velvet Leaf Autumnal Garland - If colour isn't your thing then you can still enjoy this leaf garland in your home. Heaven Sends have released another colour way which include brown and orange themes. If you are looking for a decoration for Halloween and autumn that you can't find anywhere else then why not purchase this leaf garland.

Widdop Gifts Light Up Haunted House Halloween Decoration - You can now bring a haunted house into your home without going all out! This novelty light up jar from Widdop features a glass composition, finished with a haunted house scene. With lights inside the bottle you can switch it on at any time to reveal a hauntingly cool glow. Place in your windowsill or on a shelf and bring the Halloween feel straight to your home. 

Widdop Gifts Set of Two Light Up Halloween Bottle Decorations - If you wanted to go for something a bit more colourful you can purchase these vivd light up bottles from Widdop Gifts. Decorated with realistic labels to include 'Witches Brew' and a 'Bats Hat.' Finished with rustic twine, ornamental articles and lights inside. Simply switch these bottles on as a novelty set of decorations that will look great in your Halloween party.

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