Novelty Gift Ideas For The Person That Has Everything

Novelty Gift Ideas For The Person That Has Everything

     We all have that one friend or family member that is difficult to shop for. Not because they are picky, but because they seem to have everything. These people typically have a wide range of interests which should make them easy to shop for, but it doesn’t. In fact, it can make it that much more difficult to find the perfect gift for their birthday, an upcoming holiday or any occasion.

     When this happens, we usually end up giving them a gift card and being done with it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really show your true feelings or just how much you care about them. But, you have Mollie & Fred and you can shop from a wide selection of high quality, affordable gifts that we are sure that person that seems to have everything, doesn’t already have.

     Let’s take a look at some of the best novelty gifts for the person that has everything and find one that is right for them.

6 In 1 Multi Tool Men’s Novelty Pen- featuring a Cm ruler, Inch ruler, Spirit Level, Pull out screwdriver, Stylus for phone and a Twist open pen, the 6 In 1 Multi Tool Men’s Novelty Pen is the perfect gift for the guy that has everything.

'It's Wine O Clock' Bottle Opener- for the woman who has everything, there is the 'It's Wine O Clock' Bottle Opener which features a corkscrew for opening their favourite bottle of wine, as well as a bottle opener for beer and soda.

This item is also in the sale now too.

Prosecco Pong Drinking Game - Pop, Fizz, Clink!- our Prosecco Pong Drinking Game is the perfect gift that makes game nights, or any night, even more fun and exciting! Featuring 12 plastic prosecco glasses and 4 ping pong balls, a 'how to play' guide and handy storage box, this is the one gift they are sure to remember.

Figure 3 Captain Ketchup Sauce Dispenser

Captain Ketchup Sauce Dispenser- you just might end up keeping this one for yourself! The Captain Ketchup Sauce Dispenser is the fun and innovative gift that everyone will want.

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     To learn more about finding novelty gift ideas for the person that has everything, contact Mollie & Fred and shop a wide range of high quality, affordable gifts that your friends, family and loved ones will truly appreciate.

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