Check Out Our Sara Miller Tinware Range | Mollie & Fred

Check Out Our Sara Miller Tinware Range | Mollie & Fred


At the age of 31 Sara Miller took a leap of faith and jumped head first into her dream career. She had been in the design industry for 10 years and decided it was time to quit her job as a card designer and create her own business.

She wanted to create an organisation which was designed for a woman who loves colour and various, creative prints. Sara Miller said "I imagined our customer to be someone who enjoys tea and cake and travel, a person who always looks for the silver (or pink!) lining no matter the situation and who wants to stand out from a crowd."

    Sara Miller London started as a small team of two, herself and a junior designer; together they started pitching their ideas to brands, licensors and displaying them at trade fairs. Her vision began to grow with each positive experience and each of her products sold out so fast, it gave her the confidence to strive for more. In her first year she launched 45 greeting cards and was nominated for six Henries Awards and won the 'Most Promising Young Designer 2016'.

     "As the saying goes - if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. I feel incredibly fortunate to say that this is truly how I feel about running my own business."

    In 2017 she sold over one million cards in their first year! So Sara Miller London was asked to design a window display in John Lewis Oxford street which was a huge opportunity for the organisation. 

    Then in 2018, her team grew to eight staff members and the business had now received 20 nominations and had increased their range to nearly 600 products. Of which included kitchen textiles, tin and a bath & body range. Her designs were also featured in the Victoria & Albert museum as part of the portmeirion exhibition. As a bonus she won the 'Best Licensed Fashion or Talent Brand' at the B&LLA's which was brilliant for her career!

    In 2019 the Sara Miller London range grew even bigger as jewellery, watches and luggage were added to the ever growing collection. Sara Miller London had been asked to design their own pop-up shops in John Lewis, Oxford Street & Peter Jones Stores. And with even more success in 2019 they were fortunate to add even more gorgeous lines to their ever growing collection like bedding, cushions and even shortbread. She won 'Best Licensed & Talent Brand' for the second time!

    Sara Miller's designs are inspired from all different parts of the world as she finds her passion exploring all the wonderful cultures. This allows her to produce beautiful, sophisticated, elegant designs. We have just recently started to stock some of Sara Miller's amazing tinware creations and are excited to add even more in time, you can see why we love them so much below.

    We fell in love with Sara Miller Tinware as each product is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colours which have elegant floral designs. We have a selection of lovely products to choose from such as the Set of Three Stackable Cake Tins which come in a set with three different colours and designs however, they go perfectly together. We also have a gorgeous fuchsia pink Larder and emerald green Storage Tin which are both brilliant for storing away all them knick-knacks and keeping your home tidy. Why not check out the beautiful Sara Miller Range for yourself! 

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