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Stocking Fillers | Mollie & Fred

Did you ever wonder why we have Christmas Stockings? It only occurred to me whilst I was writing this blog. Well luckily for you it left me scratching my head curious to find the answers and after a little bit of research I have found where the tradition came from. 
The origin of the Christmas stocking is a folk tale of Saint Nicholas and a family with no hope. The story begins with a nobleman whose wife unfortunately passed away, this left the man penniless and to take care of his three daughters. He worried he could not afford a dowry for his daughters which meant that they could not be married into status/wealth and would live life hopeless. Saint Nicholas heard of this unfortunate event and arrived at the family home, he placed a single gold ball in each stocking (there were three for each daughter) which were above the fireplace drying. He did this so the girls could each marry after all. There are various tales of this story however they all are very similar to this, depending on the culture. This is the American/ UK version which continues to inspire the use of the Christmas stocking to decorate thousands of home across the two countries
No matter how old you are Christmas stockings are always fun to wake up to on Christmas morning. Although it’s exciting receiving a stocking, they aren’t the easiest to fill as they are such an awkward shape. The gifts can’t be too big yet not too small… fortunately for you, we have handpicked a wonderful selection of stocking filler ideas to choose from.
We have a lovely selection of novelty and odd socks for all ages like our Delicious Donut Ladies Novelty Socks which have a quirky design that looks good enough to eat; with a purple, pink, white, brown, blue and another pink sock covered in sprinkles and are packaged to look like real donuts or we have It's Time For Mojitoes Ladies Novelty Socks which have an eye-catching design as they're decorated with vibrant colours with an assortment of cocktail mix's, cherries, stars and lots of other cool designs.
We also have socks for the entire family like Cucamelon Mummy, Daddy and Me Socks. Each pair has a different colour: the Men's size has a blue bear on the toes, the Women's size has a pink bear and for the little newborn the sock has a red bear. These socks are packaged in a lovely gift box with a family of bears cuddling on the front, they would make a fantastic stocking filler for a family with a new addition this Christmas. 


We also do hilarious mugs with comedy phrases like “what the duck” and “Classy Bird” with lovely illustrations. These mugs make great gifts for any family member who loves to have a joke, they will also have the funniest mug in the office. They also are packaged in a lovely gift box and fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking.

This is just a handful of stocking filler ideas we think you'll like and there is still so much more for you to browse through. You might even find some more festive gift ideas to help with the Christmas shopping + there is Free Delivery on every order!!

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