The King's Coronation | Mollie & Fred

The King's Coronation | Mollie & Fred

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With the Kings coronation soon approaching, here at Mollie & Fred we would like to share with you some information about the special day.

King Charles III coronation is set to take place on Saturday 6th May 2023. This is the first coronation to take place on a weekend since 1902 (Edward VII).

Queens Coin

As we all know Charles mother was queen for 70 years, which makes this the longest period of time between coronation

You have most likely heard of the word 'coronation', but do you know where it came from? The word itself originated from the Latin word 'corona', meaning crown.

Coronation Celebrations

When Charles's mother,  Queen Elizabeth was crowned she was only 25. Quite the opposite of her son Charles being 74 upon his upcoming coronation, making him the oldest english monarch to be crowned.

As usual there will be a set bank holiday because of the coronation. It will be falling on Monday 8th may, 2 days after the coronation.

If you are like us and love a good celebration then here are some ideas to commemorate the upcoming coronation.

- afternoon tea                                       

- street parties

- church services/gatherings 

- garden parties with close friends/family

- go out for a meal

Kings Coronation

Some interesting facts about Charles himself:

Charles became the first royal family member to earn a degree. He graduated from cambridge University in 1970 after earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He then served in the royal navy from 1971-1976 during the Falkland Islands war.

Charles is named after his father and former kings whom he is a descendant of. His full name is Charles philip Arthur George Mountbatten - Windsor. His late mother Queen Elizabeth also has the surname Mountbatten - Windsor.    

When he was younger, he apparently used to sell flowers on street corners during his summers off from school. As a young adult, he took up golf as a hobby and became quite skilled at it.

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