The Meaning Of Friendships And Why They’re So Special

The Meaning Of Friendships And Why They’re So Special

What is it that makes a true friend? Is it the fact that they are there for you when you need them? Or perhaps that they are closer to you than your own family, in fact, you might even consider them family? Whatever your definition of a friend is, we can all agree that a friend is someone who is very special to you and that you would be lost without.

     True friends are hard to find and, once you do find one, cultivating that friendship can take a lot of time and patience. But once you have that strong bond, nothing can separate the two of you including time and distance. Many say that a true friend is someone they can not talk to for weeks or months on end and then, when you finally do see them, its like time hasn’t passed and you can pick up a conversation that you had the last time you spoke without missing a beat.

What Draws People Together As Friends?

     What is it that draws two people together as friends? There are many factors that can lead to friendship including having common interests, having history together, common values or a certain level of equality that you share. Whatever the case, a true friend is someone who is a good influence and who consistently willing to put your happiness before the friendship itself.

How To Attract True Friends

     Attracting true friends is as easy as being the friend you want to have. We often tend to attract people who are very similar to us in our behaviours and our actions. If you find yourself making friends that aren’t true, or that are negative, it could be because you are that way yourself. If so, change the way you act and become who you want to be, and you will begin to attract the type of friends you want.

Thanking Your Friends

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