The Perfect Wedding Gift ideas

With love in the air, and the wedding season just around the corner, many of us may be starting to think about gifts and gowns for the special day of our loved ones. If you’re anything like us, you’re likely to have had your wedding guest outfit planned months ago, but when it comes to a special gift, which is personal and fitting; you may be at a bit of a loss. Well, we’re here to help.

Here are our top wedding gifts, which are Mollie & Fred certified, and which we guarantee your loved ones will never forget…

Money for the Honeymoon

Weddings can get very expensive, especially if the bride and groom have a big family and plenty of friends. If you have been lucky enough to have been invited and are receiving a lavish wedding meal and plenty of drink, it might be good to give something back. Honeymoons are often put on the back burner when a wedding is being planned, as often, there just isn’t the money to book a glorious holiday as well as a feast for hundreds of people. Giving the newlyweds something to put towards a get away will definitely be appreciated, and very much needed after such an expensive day!

Household Appliances

Often our newlyweds already live together and already have a house full of appliances, so this may not apply to them. But, sometimes a couple who have just bought their new home and have had a wedding to pay for, just have not been able to afford some of the appliances which they might want, or need. Giving them a household appliance gift then, will come in much appreciated, and you can rest knowing that your gift will not just be thrown to the back of the wardrobe and forgotten about.        

Personalised Wedding Gifts

Having the newly married couples names engraved on something like champagne flutes is a lovely and sentimental idea. It is something which the couple can display and treasure forever, as well as drink champagne out of, of course! Champagne flutes are not the only things you can get personalised, in fact, you can pretty get anything personalised you want. This is a gift which shows you’ve put effort into getting your loved ones a gift they will never forget.

Here at Mollie & Fred we have some beautiful wedding gift ideas to ignite your inspiration;

  1. Oversized Family Rules Sign from Heaven Sends – £69.99
  2. Mr & Mrs Framed Word from Vintage Playing Cards – £54.99
  3. Mr & Mrs Hanging Heart from Gisela Graham – £6.99
  4. Beautiful Place Wooden Sign from East of India – £5.99
  5. All You Need Is Love Large Wooden Sign from Heaven Sends – £18.99
  6. This Is The Life Tray – £18.99

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