The Rising Fame Of Gin In 2019 And Mollie And Fred’s Collection

The Rising Fame Of Gin In 2019 And Mollie And Fred’s Collection

    As more and more Brits are turning to high-end spirits, gin sales have tripled and new small-batch distilleries are popping up everywhere. What was once known as ‘Mother’s Ruin’, gin is now becoming fashionable as hipsters, housewives and others are experiencing this spirit for the first time.

UK Gin Growth Facts

     Every year since 2009, gin sales have increased here in the UK and today, they are triple what they were then. Sales totaled £461m last year alone, which is up 32% from the previous year. When compared to gin sales in 2009 which were just £126m, it is easy to see the growth. This additional growth in gin sales has also had an effect on the small business environment in the UK as 49 distilleries opened in 2018 according to HM Revenue and Customs and the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA). There are now 315 gin distilleries in the UK, which is double the amount just 5 years ago.

Why Is Gin Becoming More Popular?

     Why is gin becoming so popular and why are people drinking more high-end gin than ever? First of all, people are drinking better gin because of what the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA) calls “premiumisation”. People are willing to pay more for a better product and that means high-end alcohol sales are increasing throughout the UK. Many bartenders and pub owners state that gin sales are increasing because of the trendiness of the spirit. Any time a new trend comes along, people are more willing to join in and with gin, a wide range of new gin drinks, many of which are geared towards women and hipsters, are fueling that trend.

    Another reason for the increased popularity of gin over other spirits is that gin is a very versatile spirit that is perfect for a variety of cocktails. With the growth of Britain’s cocktail bars, this is the perfect time for gin to become the number one spirit in the country.

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