Unique Gift Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Unique Gift Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Supporting your friends, family or loved ones as they join their lives forever is one of the most wonderful times that deserves commemorating and celebrating! With summer now well and truly here, wedding season is upon us. When you have so many weddings to contend with, and you want to send the couple a gift as unique as them, gift shopping can be difficult! This is especially true if you’re doing it online, where you can almost guarantee someone else will be searching for the same items. That’s why we’ve curated a fool proof gift guide for your summer weddings this year. Here are three unique gift ideas…

Best Wishes Card Box

Some gifts are just better when they’re personal. This beautiful wooden Mr and Mrs card box not only looks charming but will be well-received if you personalise it. Either before the wedding or during, mingle with guests to collect warm wishes, kind notes and even some marriage advice from the bride and groom’s loved ones. This is a gift that is unique, personalised to the couple and completely invaluable!

Mr and Mrs Photo Collage Frame

Most couples have a wedding photographer on the big day for those all important shots, but there are always moments that go unnoticed or missed – and the photographer can only be in one place at a time! It’s also true that most couples become too busy to organise their keepsakes after the wedding. Grab your best camera and try to capture some candid photos of the happy couple and their wedding guests on the day – times the photographer might not have captured! Then professionally print them and pop them in this beautiful wedding frame to show them off!

Mr and Mrs Amore Photo Box

If you take so many pictures at the wedding, or maybe you have gathered tens of photos of the happy couple through the years that you have known them, you don’t just have to choose a limited few! This stunning Amore photo box is beautiful, either as a gift to send on after the big day or a year after the new day to celebrate their anniversary. It will keep a good amount of photos for the happy couple to look back on throughout the years!

Bride and Groom Light up Mirrored Frame

If you’re looking for something truly unique to help the bride and groom make a house a home, but you’re not sure what they already have and what they need, you can be sure they don’t already have this beautiful bride and groom mirror. This mirror states, as awarded by the Royal Borough of Wedded Bliss, that an absurdly harmonious, ridiculously good-looking bride and groom live here! It’s the perfect addition to the happy couple’s hallway or entryway and a lovely way to commemorate their union.

No matter how many occasions you’re invited to this wedding season, you can be sure to find unique gifts for every bride and groom at mollieandfred.co.uk!  



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