Welcome to the Team - India | Mollie & Fred

Welcome to the Team - India | Mollie & Fred

 Welcome To The Team

Hello, I’m India

I’ll be your blog writer for the foreseeable future,

I joined Mollie & Fred as a business admin apprenticeship in September 2020, I’ve currently been given the task of writing blogs and updating the website for Mollie & Fred.
I am incredibly happy and proud that I have joined the wonderful Mollie & Fred team!

Mollie & Fred is based in Lincoln with the the gorgeous cathedral, nick-named Cathy, offering a rich history combined with independent boutique shopping, great arts and culture.


A town at the bottom of the Pirin Mountains, which join together to form Pirin National Park. It has numerous ski and snowboard slopes on Tordorka Peak. The National Park has many beautiful forest ridges and glacial lakes, but it is also home to bears and wolves.

I started skiing when I was 15 on a school trip to Italy, it was one of the best weeks of my life. Every year since then my family and I have gone skiing to Bankso, Bulgaria. It’s a fabulous little skiing resort and I have currently missed two wonderful seasons due to covid-19, as in 2020 we were meant to fly the day they closed their borders.

Bankso, Bulgaria Ski Trip


When I was 17 I was given the most amazing opportunity to do a school exchange. I travelled with other pupils from my secondary school to America. Once we arrived at the airport our American families were waiting for us, they collected us and we each went individually back home with these families. We attended their high school, American football game and also joined in with their hobbies. My family loved sailing out to an island near their beach home or mudding on the weekend in their country home. It was definitely nothing I'd ever experienced before, it was incredible to have so much freedom only being 17. After those 10 days were over our school were back together and we travelled to Universal Orlando Studios where we spent 3 days and travelled home. 

Panama City Beach


My Bestie

I have the most adorable little dog called Emmi, she’s a tan deer head Chihuahua. I got her in 2016 and she is the best little doggo I’ve ever had (although I might be a little bias). We’ve been on many adventures together, our favourite one is Devon as we go every year. 

Chihuahua In jumper

Due to shops shutting a month into my apprenticeship Mollie and Fred began their biggest Christmas ever. I was definitely thrown into the deep end! Over Christmas we had to learn and adapt very quickly. I learned how to check off deliveries + put away stock, send bulk to amazon, picking and packaging items. It was very fast paced but I enjoyed every moment of it.

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