Why We Should Be Using Less Plastic In 2020

Why We Should Be Using Less Plastic In 2020

In today’s modern world, plastic is everywhere. In fact, if you reach out your arms to both sides of your body, chances are, you will be able to touch something plastic in your home or workplace. This is because plastic is affordable, easy to manufacture with and it can be turned into just about anything we can imagine. And, while these benefits of plastic are very apparent, plastic does have its drawbacks as well.

Why We Should Be Using Less Plastic

     Besides the fact that most plastics can take centuries or longer to biodegrade and that plastic waste is being dumped into our oceans at a staggering rate, many plastics that we use on daily basis give off certain chemicals and carcinogens that can cause cancer. Additionally, the majority of plastic waste does not get reused or recycled. Why is this? Experts say the reason most of our plastic waste is not recycled is that more than 50% of today’s plastic is single-use. This includes plastic water bottles, plastic packaging, plastic grocery bags, drinking straws and many more plastic items that we use each and every day.

     The plastics that are recyclable are often not recycled due to a lack of available resources and infrastructure in some cities. Even when plastic is recycled, it often takes large amounts of energy and large quantities of water to do so properly. A leading cause of carbon emissions contributing to global warming is the recycling of plastic waste.

What Can You Do?

     There are many ways that you can reduce the amount of plastic you use and the amount of plastic waste you create. From using reusable canvas shopping bags and reusable aluminium water bottles, to using metal drinking straws, every little bit makes a difference.

Metal Drinking Straws

     How can something as simple as a metal drinking straw help reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world? When you stop and think about how many times each week you use a plastic drinking straw, and then multiply that by the amount of weeks in a year and how many years you have been using plastic drinking straws, you will see just how quickly it all adds up.

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