A Gift For Every Kind of Dad | Mollie & Fred

A Gift For Every Kind of Dad | Mollie & Fred


What to get that man that has everything and wants nothing? Huh why does it have to be so difficult…. Not to worry as Mollie & Fred have lots of incredible gift options for you to have a browse through, and hopefully find an amazing present for your amazing Dad!

For The Beer Connoisseur

Want a gift that lasts a little longer than his six-pack of beer? Well, you’re in luck as we have plenty of fun beer themed gift that he’ll love!

Like our XL Happy Hour Beer Glass which is the perfect present if your Dad loves a refreshing ice cold pint when they get in after a long day. This giant beer glass has "Why limit happy to an hour" on one side in gold foil writing and would be lovely gift alongside a pack of his favourite beer.


For a fun novelty alternative, we have Bottoms Up! Beer Themed Socks which are perfect for a man in your life who absolutely loves beer, these socks include beer patterns and sayings which include writing that reads 'bottoms up, beer and lager.' The perfect socks to wear down to the pub!


For The Gardener

What could be more perfect than this wonderful gardening Fork & Trowel Gift Set, it features luxury wooden handles which each tool having a leather strap. The metal ends of the fork & trowel are stainless steel with 'Make today beautiful' on the fork and a wren engraved on the trowel.


A gift for the organised Dad who likes to keep his potting shed in order we have these wonderful Potting Shed Storage Tins you can choose from either cream or green or why not get both! Finished with nice garden themed designs to include sayings such as "this garden is grown with love, take time to smell the flowers, bloom where you are planted, and gardening is my kind of therapy". Great for keeping assorted gardening accessories like, from scissors, seeds, string and other essential items that you may need whilst out in the garden.

Your Dad will love this unique Gardening Tool Set of Pens which features a fork, spade and rake We are afraid that no actual gardening will get done with these pens, but you will definitely get some laughs out of them and they can be put to use in their potting shed to label all of their flowers and plants!


For The Golfer

Our best-selling Crazy Golf Socks are perfect for the dad who like to strut his stuff around the golf course and there are six different argyle designs for him to try out. An no matter how often he knocks his golf balls in the bunker or has to suffer the agony of watching them ping off a tree into the rough, these odd socks will ensure your dad has the feet of a pro!

The Novelty Gifts

We think your Dad will love our awesome range of novelty gifts as they are hilarious and super handy!

Does your dad need a time out from his phone? Well then, this Phone Jail is perfect for him! We are all so easily distracted by our phones, to name a few to include social media, texting, and games. This humorous phone jail is designed so that you can lock your phones away to ensure that family night or Father’s Day is never ruined. This set features a quirky cage ornament in which you can put 6 phones away, complete with a lock and key, making it hard to get them out!

Is your dad outdoorsy? Then we think you'll love this Handy Puncture Repair Kit, it is the perfect size for him to fit into his pocket or rucksack for when he's out and about. This set includes a range of helpful tools your dad may need to repair his bike throughout his adventures. All these tools fit perfectly in this small compact storage tin which has a lovely retro design with bright and bold colours.

And lastly we have this The King of the Grill , it is a fun Father’s Day gift which offers a versatile range of multi-tools, it has all the essential he'll need to host a fabulous BBQ. Included in the handle is a handy corkscrew and bottle opener, so he has no reason to leave the grill! Everyone's Dad is the king of the grill, or at least he believes to be....

Are you still struggling to find the perfect gift for your Dad then shop our entire selection of Gifts For Him and surprise your dad with the best present in the world!! 

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