Black Friday & Cyber Monday | Mollie & Fred

Black Friday & Cyber Monday | Mollie & Fred


Traditionally, the UK considered black Friday to be the last Friday before Christmas as that’s when the emergency services anticipate the most pressure due to the festive period. However, it has now become associated with huge shopping events. It is now more commonly referred to as a day for great bargains

The day originated in the US dating back to the 21st century, black Friday is normally the day after Thanksgiving, and it seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping. Americans generally have Thanksgiving as a holiday on a Thursday and black Friday is also a holiday, so they have four days free to be able to go shopping.

Due to the high demand for the deal’s shops stay open for longer and begin presales ahead of the big day to entice customers. This day is now celebrated worldwide because of big retailers like Amazon, Argos, and supermarkets like Tesco off huge reduction to shoppers just in time for Christmas. Black Friday generally lasts for 24 hours but most retailers keep their deals on until the Sunday as they hope most people will splash the cash just in time for Christmas.

In America customers often queue for hours or even days just to grab the best deal going but most retailers will post online and encourage online spending to avoid long queues in store.

Don’t worry if you missed out on Black Friday, there’s always Cyber Monday which is always the Monday straight after and is gaining more and more popularity in the UK each year. This is the best time to purchase Christmas presents however these deals only last for 24 hours. It turns out that the UK as a whole prefers Cyber Monday as they’re for grabbing the best possible deals.

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