Egg-cellent Easter activities for kids!

As we reach the halfway point of the Easter holidays we thought we’d give you a helping hand with some fun yet simple Easter themed arts and crafts for the kids…fun activities that are sure to keep them entertained and occupied…for an hour at least!

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Mask

Little ones are sure to love making this super-cute bunny mask.  All you need to make this lovely Paper Plate Easter Bunny Mask is a paper plate, a pom pom or piece of cotton wool, a selection of coloured pipe cleaners, a piece of white card and a  lolly stick.


  1. Take a pair of scissors and cut out two holes in the plate to make the bunnies eyes.
  2. Cut the piece of white card into long bunny ears and paint/colour the inside of the ears pink. Stick them to the back of the plate.
  3. Stick the pom pom or piece of cotton wool onto the centre of the plate to make the nose.
  4. Paint or draw the mouth below the nose and stick the pipe cleaners to the bunnies face to make the whiskers.
  5. Turn your mask over and attach the lolly stick to the plate, creating a handle.

Tip! You could also attach a piece of elastic to either side of the plate, so that the mask can be worn – no need for holding!

Handprinted Easter Greetings Cards

Send Easter Greetings in style this year with an adorable handprint personalised Easter Card.  All you need to make this super-cute card is some coloured A4 paper/card, paint and a pair of googly eyes.

Easter Chick Handprint Card


  1. Fold a piece of a4 coloured paper/card in half.
  2. Draw two different sized circles onto yellow card, cut out and stick them to the front of the card to make the chick’s body.
  3. Now the messy part! Paint the little one’s hand with yellow or orange paint and push down onto the card to make the wings and feet. Allow to dry.
  4. Paint/draw the chick’s hair and beak and attach the googly eyes.

Easter Bunny Handprint card


  1. Fold a piece of a4 coloured paper/card in half, pastel colours would work best.
  2. Now the messy part! Paint the little one’s hand with white paint and push down onto the card to make the bunnies body and ears. Allow to dry.
  3. Paint/draw the bunnies nose, eyes and whiskers and attach the googly eyes.
  4. Ta daa… your cute-as-can-be handprint Bunny Easter Greetings Card is complete.

Easter Egg Garland

This clever Easter Egg Garland is another simple yet effective, fun Easter activity. To make this egg-cellent garland, all you need is a trip to your local DIY shop to pick up some paint colour cards or simply use different coloured card from home, an egg shaped template, a long piece of string and a pin.


  1. Using a piece of tough card, draw an egg shape and cut out to create your template.
  2.  Take your template and draw round about two dozen egg shapes onto the paint colour cards and cut out.
  3. Carefully punch 2 holes at the top of each of the eggs using the pin. Making sure you punch the holes in exactly the same place on the eggs, otherwise your garland may end up looking a little wonky!
  4. Thread all the eggs onto the garland.
  5.  Hang up your Easter Egg Garland anywhere in your home to celebrate the Easter holidays!

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