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Mollie & Fred have been selling Emma Bridgewater products for a few years now and we love her new exciting collections each year! 
Emma Bridgewater started in 1985 when she was looking for a Birthday present for her Mum. She wanted to find two cups and saucers which said "I love you" however there was no such product. She decided that she would surely make it, yet had no idea how to. But Emma had the drive and focus to learn. 
In the early days Emma Bridgewater rented a table at the Jubilee Market in Covent Garden where the days were cold and tiring but the people loved her pottery. Her brand was beginning to develop into an array of mismatched pottery items.
She settled on a pottery factory (which dates back to 1883) in Stoke-On-Trent, currently employing more than 300 people which brought the pottery history back to life. Emma Bridgewater said "I think supporting British manufacturing and preserving traditional skills and techniques is extremely important". She  employs a mixed group of employees from experienced to inexperienced people who are part of a training scheme to learn about the manufacturing process.
In the decorating studio they use many techniques like a combination of sponging and hand painting. With the polka dots they have a set number of colour dots they need to use, but have free range as to where they put them. Whereas with the popular wallflower design the decorator receives directions which are a lot more specific. 
Did you know you can visit the Emma Bridgewater factory and studio in Stoke-On-Trent, where you are able to take part in different experiences like: Decorating Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and Baby Printing
Emma Bridgewater has surpassed the world of pottery and has ventured into homeware, tinware and stationery collections. She has even collaborated with Russell Hobbs to create two ranges of kettles and toasters, she has also worked with Chilly's Bottles to create numerous designs. 

Over the last four decades the Emma Bridgewater brand has grown enormously, especially since the 80's when she found a gap in the pottery market and jumped straight in. The company now has over £7 million turnover a year, she says her success has happened "because we have never dropped the principle of making what we really, really like". 

We have some lovely pieces of tinware by Emma Bridgewater, from some of her most famous ranges like Toast & Marmalade, Polka Dot and Bumble Bee's. 

Toast & Marmalade Biscuit Barrel - Whether you're adding to an existing Emma Bridgewater collection or maybe starting one this lovely black and cream biscuit barrel would be a lovely addition to your kitchen. Perfect for your cup of tea moments, and will be just a reach away for more! 

Polka Dot Set of 3 Caddies -Bring a touch of British class to your kitchen with these Emma Bridgewater set of three storage caddies. Perfect for sitting on the side; filled with tea, coffee and sugar, or maybe even used for pasta, flour or treats. With three spotty storage tins this trio is a must have for Emma Bridgewater lovers out there! A lovely way to style your kitchen.
Bumble Bee Round Serving Tray - This lovely Emma Bridgewater tray is part of the Bumblebee collection and this serving tray would make a lovely accessory to have on show in the lounge. It's perfect for entertaining because you can carry multiple drinks and plates to save you going back and forth.
We have some super exciting additions due late spring so make sure you keep your eyes peeled to our New In page! 

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