How To Entertain The Kids This Summer

How To Entertain The Kids This Summer

Lots of Fun Ideas For The Summer Holidays

Spending time with the kids in the holidays will be great. We’ve come up with some fun ideas to entertain the kids this summer, without breaking the bank too.

  • Mini golf is a great way to get the whole family together too. Whether it’s at your nearest coast or an underground one located in a city centre. There’s fun for everyone to be had. Remember to keep adding up the scores as I’m sure there’s likely to be some cheating going on from someone.

  • Every heard of geocaching? This is a great way to get the kids out and about and search for hidden treasures around where you live, or whilst on holiday. Sometimes box’s full of little miscellaneous objects, or lists of previous finders. You find the cache using clues on the app, replace a toy of your choice with one of your own for example a cracker toy, a coin, a button anything you have on you, then log it on the app and on to find another one. A great activity which will keep the kids entertained for hours – and it’s completely free once the app is downloaded.

  • Who can say no to a Theme park! You’ll never be too far away from a childrens adventure playground with a great selection around the country. Or maybe even a water park to cool down on those hot days. With 2for1 vouchers all over the internet and with special promotional packs, if you book early your sure to get a great deal.

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