It’s officially summer! Get your home ready!

It’s officially summer, and we here at Mollie & Fred couldn’t be happier! Sun, sea and sand awaits. But some of us may not be lucky enough to get away to a sunnier climate this year, so we have decided to help you get into the summer spirit by making your home your beach – not in the literal sense, of course.

Your home is the place in which you spend the majority of your time in, and it’s a great idea for your home to reflect your personality and feelings. So if you’re feeling the summer season, embrace it!

Adding subtle bunting to a set of stairs, or around a door will give your home a delicate feel of the summer season. Pastel shades as well as bright colours are a great combination to use to spruce up a room.

Swap warm flannel sheets and heavy duvet covers for lighter linens with a high thread-count. Choose solid, light colours to give the whole room a breezy feel. A simple, thin coverlet should be enough to keep you warm during the summer months.

There are other, very simple ways to bring the summer feel into your home. Let fresh air into your home by opening a few windows, and place a houseplant close to the bathroom sink to help filter the fresh air. Also, give your dryer, energy bill, and the environment a break by hanging laundry to dry outdoors on warm days.

Have a fireplace? Put those rotting fire logs outside and bring some life back to your dormant fireplace. A collection of green plants in terracotta pots makes a beautiful summertime display. Just make sure that the fireplace receives a little bit of sun.

Everyone loves spending time outside during the summer months, the nights are not only warmer, but also longer, which means much more time with Mother Nature is allowed. But don’t let the setting sun determine the end of your time outside. Outdoor lighting can brighten up your home, turn a patio into an outdoor room, or set a romantic mood for those BBQ dinner and wine nights.

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